Purchases made at any Kroger, Jay C, or Ruler store with the Humane Society gift card will benefit the Washington County Humane Society.

The last date to reload cards is August 1.  Any money on the card can be used.  The cards do not expire, you just cannot reload after August 1.
New program coming starting August 1 that is tied to JayC/Kroger rewards card.


Instructions for Kroger gift cards:

Step 1: Purchase a preloaded $5 Kroger gift card from a Humane Society member or at the Salem Shelter. (These are special cards that have a sticker on them) Only these cards will benefit the Humane Society

Step 2: Put money on your gift card.Cards can be recharged up to $100 at any register. Recharges of more than $100 must be done at the customer service desk 10 minutes prior to checkout. BEFORE the clerk scans the first item, you must put money on your gift card. This has to be done before any transaction begins or the Humane Society won't receive any benefit. Tell the clerk what dollar amount you want loaded on your card. Minimally, this should be the amount you're spending for groceries on this trip to the store. Present your normal method of payment (cash, check, debit, or credit card) and complete this transaction.

Step 3: Buy your groceries. Proceed with your grocery purchase as usual and pay for them with your Humane Society gift card.

Step 4: Congratulations! Kroger will now donate 4% of your purchase to the Humane Society of Washington County.

Your gift card can be used for anything, including fuel and prescriptions in any Kroger, Jay C, or Ruler store, with the exception of services. Services include: money orders, Western union, lottery tickets, hunting/fishing licenses, and Ticket Master.

If your card has a $0 balance for 90 days it will be deactivated by Kroger.

Questions? Call: (812) 472-3512 or (812) 883-3673